Low Cost Wireless Leased Line Connections

We provide high quality Wireless Internet Connections for hard to reach locations with low install costs

FibreServe provides business connectivity to all areas of the country. This includes hard to reach areas that may make normal connections cost prohibitive.

With our Wireless Super-Fast Leased Line technology we can deliver a robust and reliable internet connection wirelessly.

This is particularly useful when the cost of installation and dig work is not viable. We also have the ability to avoid long lead times and deliver the FibreServe Wireless Leased Line within 2-4 weeks depending on location and availability.

Each FibreServe Super-Fast Wireless Leased Line comes with the following deliverables:

  • A managed Wireless internet connection
  • A Private Connection for use only by your business
  • You do not share this service with anyone else
  • Symmetrical Upload and Download speeds
  • Speeds up to 10GBps
  • Ultra-low Latency
  • Install in remote areas

Get the Ultimate Internet Connection for your business

When your business depends on the internet, you need to know your connection is going to deliver a consistent performance. Not just in terms of reliability, but speed also.

Waiting for information to upload and download wastes everyone’s time and may reduce productivity. With a Wireless Super-Fast Leased Line, you’re never competing for bandwidth.

That’s the advantage of our leased-line service.

A Wireless Leased line connection is ideal for providing an internet service into remote areas, or complex building structures like listed buildings. Services start as low as £185.00 per month. 

Get the perfect Internet connection, call our tech team on: 0161 222 3182

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