Low Cost Fibre Internet Services from BT Wholesale

Specialists in high quality Fibre Internet Connections from BT Wholesale to suit every type of business and budget – all are provided with 24 Hour UK Support

We provide high quality BT Wholesale Fibre Leased Line Connections and BT Wholesale Fibre Broadband Services

You need to know your internet connection’s going to deliver a consistent performance. Not just in terms of reliability, but speed also.

A BT Wholesale Super-Fast leased line internet connection you will give you a guaranteed upload and download speed and have a 100% working Guarantee.

It’s like having your very own service pipe into your building, capable of carrying enormous amounts of data.

FibreServe specialises in delivering Fibre Optic Data Connections nationally, to all Industry types and business sizes.

At FibreServe we believe in the use of Technical Engineers who will advise and guide our customers not sales people, our engineers will assess your business needs from a technical level and deliver a fully bespoke solution.

Each BT Wholesale Leased Line comes with the following deliverables:

  • Market leading SLA with 100% Target Availability
  • Guaranteed to be live – essential for business
  • A Guaranteed Speed
  • A completely Private Connection
  • Uncontended Usage – A fully private service
  • Symmetrical Upload and Download speeds
  • Speeds up to 10GBps
  • Ultra-low Latency

If you want a dedicated Internet Service beyond broadband, take a look at the BT Wholesale Super-Fast Leased Line

Within our specialist product portfolio, we are able to tailor pricing around speed requirements to suit all business sizes.

A BT Wholesale Super-Fast Leased Line connection is a reliable, strong and stable internet platform from which your business can grow and develop.

A leased line was once only a product for multi-national corporations or big business.

But thanks to our ultra-competitive pricing, FibreServe can confidently bring a cost-effective fibre leased line to even the smallest business.

Waiting for information to upload and download wastes everyone’s time and reduces productivity.

With a Super-Fast Leased Line, you’re never competing for bandwidth.  That’s the advantage of our leased line service.

It comes with 24hours a day support and a 100% uptime Guarantee.

A Super-Fast Leased Line connection is ideal for businesses where internet access is critical. Prices start as low as ₤239.00 per month, doesn’t your business deserve a better speed

Get the Ultimate internet performance for your business, call our tech team now on: 0161 222 3182

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