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Our BT Contract: BT Plc

In this page we will explain the relationship FibreServe has within BT Wholesale.

FibreServe are a Fully Authorised Supplier of BT Wholesale across the North West region – we provide and sell BT Wholesale service contracts and systems shipped direct from BT Wholesale.

We supply our customers with:

  • BT Wholesale Telecommunication Services
  • Shipped to customers direct from BT Wholesale
  • Installed by a local BT Engineer
  • Fully backed and maintained by the BT Wholesale
  • A Lower Price than BT

The BT Wholesale/FibreServe partnership provides our customers with a perfect BT Wholesale product, but for a Lower Price.

The Perfect Synergy: BT Plc

The FibreServe Authorised Partnership with BT Wholesale is the perfect offering for all our customers. It delivers the ideal synergy of BT Wholesale product superiority, technical support and an ultra low price.

Plus we have the local support from the vast BT Wholesale division being based in Spinningfields – Manchester.

This is why we undertook the in-depth vetting process to become a Fully Authorised Supplier of BT Wholesale.

With the BT Wholesale Direct Supply Contracts all signed, FibreServe became a contracted member of the wider BT Wholesale family.

All FibreServe employees have full access into the heart of BT Wholesale. Along with our very own BT Wholesale Account Liaison and full multi-department BT Wholesale Support Team.

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Being an Authorised Partner of BT Wholesale allows FibreServe to supply our customers with BT products & services directly shipped from BT.

All at a lower cost than BT Retail and the wider market

The BT Product Portfolio

The BT product portfolio really is second to none, with products and services ranging from Cloud/VoIP Telephone Systems, Fibre Internet Connections and Mobile.

All supplied products come with the enormous technical expertise and man-power of BT Plc
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BT Assurance: BT Plc

The BT Wholesale Division allows FibreServe to give our customers the absolute best of both worlds.

We empower our customers within their specific business sectors, offering the latest technology and lowering their communications costs:

  • You have the safety and stability of a BT Wholesale backed product that you know and trust
  • Combined with the bulk-buy Price Reductions, which we achieve by providing our products direct from BT Wholesale

This means – we can provide you with a state-of-the-art BT Hosted VoIP or BT Cloud Telephone System with a BT Fibre Internet Connection

FibreServe pricing will always be substantially LOWER than BT Retail

Money Saving: BT Plc

A basic example of how we make the savings would be as below:

  • We receive BT Wholesale ‘low’ pricing based on ordering 10,000 phone lines for all our customers
  • You receive BT Retail ‘standard’ pricing based on ordering 10 phone lines
  • We always provide lower pricing than BT Retail

The net result is that FibreServe will always receive a substantially discounted price from BT Wholesale, which we then pass onto our very happy customers. Being an Authorised Partner of BT Wholesale, we receive:

  • Full and Ongoing BT Product Support
  • Full and Ongoing BT Technical Assistance
  • Day to Day BT Product Guidance
  • Multiple BT departments assisting our customers
  • All from the central BT hub based in Spinningfields

Deliverables: BT Plc

  • Each BT Wholesale product we provide is shipped directly out of the BT project delivery hub in Spinningfields
  • Each BT Wholesale product we provide is backed by and delivered across the BT core network
  • Each BT Wholesale product we provide is delivered in standard BT brown box packaging
  • Each BT Wholesale product we provide is installed by a local BT engineer from the local BT engineering fleet
  • Each BT Wholesale product we provide will be cheaper than using BT Retail.

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