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Over-paying for your Phone System?

A BT Wholesale Hosted VoIP Phone System could be the answer

Across the world standard business practices were changed literally over night, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Flexible working is now a must for any business looking to be competitive within their respective industry. Working from home, taking calls on the move and having full visibility of remote working staff are all essential elements to ensure your business operation is as efficient as possible.

Within an increasingly competitive market, its vital your business is as flexible as possible.

A BT Wholesale Hosted VoIP Telephone System is a virtual phone system hosted in the cloud, giving you the ultimate in flexibility. It’s the perfect low-cost telecom solution which is fully scalable to suit businesses of any size.

As you grow the BT Wholesale Hosted VoIP Telephone System will grow with you, plus you have no limits in terms of handsets and users. Its a telephone system that will adapt to meet your changing needs.

Whatever the future holds, moving to new sites or future expansion – you’ll have a full array of capabilities to meet your needs. These could include:

  • Home/Remote Workers
  • Temporary Site Workers
  • CRM Integration
  • Mobile Phone Integration
  • Soft Phone Integration
  • Call Centre Suite with Live Reporting
  • Call Recording

A BT Wholesale Hosted VoIP Telephone system saves you from a large capital outlay. This is because all the intelligence of the system is stored in the cloud, this means:

  • You do no need spare parts
  • You do not need an engineer to install replacement parts
  • You will not need expensive maintenance contracts

Our expert engineers will guide you through the options. So you arrive at the perfect telephone system.

In terms of business continuity there will be no office disruption thanks to the minimal onsite install process. With no hardware to install or maintain you can have worry free comms for years to come, without needing expensive engineer cover.

Plus you have the ability to use all of the office features on the go via your mobile phone.

A truly modern telephone system in the palm of your hand.

Our optional Telephone System training programmes are also available.

A FibreServe provided – BT Wholesale Hosted VoIP Telephone system offers all the features of a traditional telephone system, but without the costs, maintenance and hardware headaches.

Doesn’t your business deserve the latest in Telecom technology at a fraction of the cost?

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